Department of Journalism and Social Communication

The Department of Journalism and Social Communication of the University of Łódź has been operating since 2007, educating students at bachelor and master level. We have a great interest among the candidates, because we do not only provide students with the theoretical knowledge, but also we give our students all skills useful and necessary in contemporary professional market. In this way we prepare students for a future career trying to equip them with the required competences on the local, national and international markets. Our curricula have been developed to meet the needs of modern man and the requirements posed by current reality.

A great part of our teaching staff consists of practiced and well-known journalists from local and national media, public relations officers and advertising agents who cooperate with the research staff. Moreover, the Department of Journalism and Social Communication has established a close contact and signed bilateral agreements with local media and advertising agencies (Polish Radio, Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP, Jurczyk Design, to name but a few), thereby enabling our students to increase their knowledge, enrich professional training and participate in lectures and workshops held by practitioners. We have our own radio studio which is partially founded by the BSH Home Appliances Group company. This studio is very useful during different kind of classes, especially workshops and our Polish and international students have the opportunity to practice with recording different kind of broadcasts such as documentary, feature or radio-drama.

In the area of international cooperation we have established many bilateral agreements within the Erasmus programme, thereby allowing free exchange of students. Each year we host numerous groups of students from partner universities who can deepen their knowledge and skills based on cutting-edge research. We have designed, specially for English speaking students, five courses allowing to develop their own competences in an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding of intercultural differences. We put a great emphasis on the one hand on the practical skills, and on the other hand on elements shaping the individuality, personality and teamwork, which we believe are crucial in contemporary world. We strive to make our students to be able to solve problems creatively and responsibly and deepen their own knowledge according to their interests and needs.

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